Phase out Dairy Farming

Support and fund scientific research into renewable farming practices and alternative environmentallly friendly products to produce. Support farmers in making this essential transition both financially and through workshops and rescourcing. 

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There are many great ideas on this website: centering around integral topics such as education, health care and the economy. However we won't have school systems to imporove if our country an unlivable place, as a result og irreversable climate change. Recent scientific reseaerch states that our environmental state is nearly at an irreversable point of degredation. We need to put reducing the severity of climate change ahead of all other inititives, or we won't have a livable tomorrow. Methane gas, produced from cows contributes majoritevly to Aotearoa's carbon footprint. We have to change to renuwable, responsible farming practices and exports. 

by RoszieMilez on May 29, 2018 at 02:08PM

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  • Posted by davednz May 29, 2018 at 16:14

    I guess you would be hoping that the Govt & MPI would have ordered a complete cull of all cattle in NZ due to the mycoplasma bovis outbreak, and then mandated no more cattle in NZ, thereby resolving your issue in one fell swoop? Oh yes and while we are at it lets cull all sheep and deer as well.

    My comment might be a bit unfair to you so I will add this. What you say i beleive is true, but phasing out dairy farming is unrealistic. We have 4.5 million mouths to feed in this country and we are also feeding many more throughout the world with our primary produce. At the end of the day Mankind needs farming and the inevitable footprint it leaves in this world. Lets just do things smarter and reduce any farming footprint with more environmentally friendly practices in industry as well as farming. Lets do more in the home as well. A warming planet is everyone's fault and concern. So please don't hit on the farmers any more. Particularly dairy farmers.
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