Full review of Auckland Council "Super City" governance and operational structure

The current Auckland Council Super City has major governance and operational effectiveness difficulties because of its sheer size, lackof connection between its various components, the inability of the governing Council to effectively control its CCO activities, lack of local community decision making ability or effective input, and an overall lack of accountability both internally and externally.

It is in the light of seven years of actual experience, the structure is not working well, and is not fit for purpose, and needs a full review and overhaul.

Why the contribution is important

Auckland plays a major part in the New Zealand economy, and is suffering from massive popuation growth and major demographic and cultural shifts. The current structure makes it impossible for effective community electoral control or effective consultative or advisory input, and it is not possible for the elected Governing Body, the City's Councillors, to adequately manage and control the overall direction or day to day operation of the City.

Local Boards have a very limited responsibiity and no effective decision making input to major local infranstructure or Council operational activity to the detriment of their local communities in very many cases.

The city is basically being developed and managed by non elected officials, and CCO Boards,  and community input at all levels is effectively minimal, Budget and planning consultations are shallow with poor primary information flows and are basically more PR exercises than genuine information and opinion providing opportunities for the communty, at all levels, from the most senior and important business and commumity groupings, to the smaller local community groups that the city's social fabric depends on.

Community character and local identiy is being rapidly destroyed by centralised Council decision making and the planning impacts of the Unitary Plan aimed at intensification of the city population. New social and cutural difficulties are arising from the large number of new immigrants from very diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds from the traditional Auckland resident groups.

The whole Auckland Super city concept and core original planning assumptions and directions are a major social engineering exercise, probably unequalled in the world in size and speed of political and structural re-organisation, population growth, planning process, and ethnic and cultural makeup, which are in essence out of community democratic governance control, and facing major problems in many areas including over stretched infrastructure, including schools, hospitals etc, transport and traffic congestion, massive property value increases leading to unaffordable housing, major and growing social and poverty based problems, and




by billrayner on May 16, 2018 at 04:22PM

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  • Posted by JanR May 20, 2018 at 14:30

    The issue of the lack of transparency is one part of the lack of democratic control of Council controlled organisations is an important one. Is much of the rest of this really about open government?
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