Expand the Expert Advisory Panel to include greater civil society representation

The IRM researcher recommends the EAP’s current Terms of Reference be amended to add civil society representatives elected by civil society and to ensure that all EAP members undertake regular OGP engagement with the public. This will provide a broader civil society voice than at present and broadcast government’s public engagement commitment. Membership within the EAP should also be regularly rotated and include people who can advise on online access requirements for those with disabilities. The EAP could consider and recommend to Government what incentives could be offered to encourage the broader civil society voice.
This would require an increased budget and resources for implementing NZ’s OGP activities, assisting civil society to contribute, and increasing the profile of OGP in NZ.

Why the contribution is important

There is not enough evidence that the Expert Advisory Panel (EAP) has adequately fulfilled its role as a forum to enable regular multi-stakeholder consultation on OGP implementation. While the EAP was involved in the development and implementation of the 2016-2018 action plan, there is no evidence that the EAP is seeking out the views of other CSOs or the general public when conducting its activities. This goes against the co-creation spirit of OGP .

All OGP Independent Review Mechanism reports include five recommendations about the next OGP action planning cycle. Governments are expected to respond to these recommendations.

by NAP2_IRM on April 19, 2018 at 11:50AM

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