Expand the all of government consultations listing

An expanded consultations listing (https://www.govt.nz/browse/engaging-with-government/consultations-have-your-say/consultations-listing/) can be used as a mechanism to track and measure indicators of quality (eg consultation time period, readability).
This would be done through the creation of a public consultation standard (work on this has already been started by DIA), which would provide a consistent method of data capture.
Opening this data up via an API will enable the list to be automated and also to be reused by anyone who wants to analyse or share the consultations.
Expanding the data collected to include upcoming/planned engagements will give the public and different interest groups more time to engage. It also helps the public service see what is happening across the sectors, which could encourage collaboration between engaging with the same or similar audiences.

Why the contribution is important

Quality public engagement is a cornerstone of good policy and service design. Transparency across the engagements government is having is essential to keep the system accountable. Currently, there is no reliable view of all the consultations and engagements being done by government, and no measure of their quality is. To make sure any intervention or programme for improvement could be measured for it's success, the system itself needs to be tracked. 
There is also great opportunity to improve transparency across the system with the consistent capture of an extended set of metadata with a public consultation standard, and the reuse of the consultations data via the API. 
An extra benefit is an improvement to the co-ordination across government and the ability of the public to be notified of planned engagements before they're made official. Allowing more time for people to engage is a major pain point in the current system.

by vicwray on May 31, 2018 at 06:07PM

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