Environmental Accountability

The basic idea is to hold people, companies, and different sectors responsible for the environmental impact that they have.  Companies that produce large emissions or pollute and people who run farms should have to take measures to add something positive our environment.  Whether this looks companies and people paying money into environmental initiatives or there being a set of better rules and regulations that are strictly monitored, anything that detriments our environment should be limited.

Why the contribution is important

In order for New Zealand to uphold the 'clean and green' image that we have proudly formed for ourselves, we need to continually be monitoring how it's changing and who is impacting it.  This is something that needs to happen now and it can't wait.  The environment is a ticking time bomb and New Zealand has always been a nation with an aspirations to lead the way in terms of technology and policy.  We were among the first to go Nuclear free and we now have the perfect opportunity to be one of the first nations to have strong environmental policy that other nations can aspire to have.  Young people are the generation that has to cope with the impacts that adults making large decisions regarding the environment are allowing and it's not acceptable for generations above us to leave us with a destroyed environment.  This issue has a great level of urgency and cannot be overlooked for another five or more years, as we are destroying the environment far faster than we are attempting to repair it.  

by georgiaf123 on May 29, 2018 at 02:01PM

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