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Being a financial adviser for nearly 20 years, I found a lot of clients although well-educated and have well paid job, but their financial aren't sound. Some found them stuck in their day job and want the options, some even don't have their own home. When we took our client through the journey, they often told us they couldn't imagine that they could achieve what they achieve. I found that if the home ownership is what we want the nation to improve, why not start when they are in school, perhaps at intermediate age. Having this goal in mind, we should then reduce the consume debt as the people would have an ultimate goal and would behave at present instead letting themselves go, spending money on what they don’t need. 

Why the contribution is important

Education is key, it is foundamental to show people that they can manage money, and build their financial confidence and independency. 

Home ownership is important for the individual, for the family and for the nation. 

We used to live in statehouse until Sept, 2001. We now have the financial freedom and my husband retired at age 41. He does charity work once a week. I believe that a lot of people don't know they can do it, or they don't know why and there is also fear too. I would love to show them how. 

by luciaxiao on May 16, 2018 at 07:28PM

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