Data driven policy development

Data driven policy development

  • Leverage data as a predictor of future outcomes
  • Build models and open source these models, so others can help with determining their fit for the intended policy outcome, e.g. 3 strikes law - considering the potential consequences

Why the contribution is important

NetHui is New Zealand’s most diverse and interactive Internet community event and the event held in Auckland on the 9-10th November 2017 had the themes themes of ‘trust’ and ‘freedom’. Participants were challenged, “With a new Government being sworn in this week how will the political changes signalled by the parties now in Government affect trust and freedom issues?" The session on Open Government Partnership asked how attendees can get involved and what the big open government issues are for them and New Zealand. They were then asked to come up with ideas for the next National Action Plan.

by NetHui_10_November_2017 on April 19, 2018 at 04:05PM

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