Consumer culture

We are living in a Neo-liberalistic age where private corporations hold all the power and from that, a consumerist culture has been born. Society focuses on purchasing goods or items but has little understanding of the enviromental, social and mental repercussions. If we as New Zealand escape this culture it would be not only benificial for New Zealand but New Zealand on a International stand point. Firstlywe need to stop exporting environmentally harmful goods or packaging and stop importing these aswell. Secondly we need to start investing money into more eco friendly study and testing. By doing this we can create job openings for people looking into this research but also into the production schemes of these things. We can create more eco friendly items that look after our enviroment and stop rubbish from being dumped into the ocean. If New Zealand leads this movement we could gain extra revenue and create more partnerships with countries that could support. Being a more independent country like this we can start to use the money for country related issues. This is a movement that could combat alot of issues on a national scale and benifit society and the world as a whole.

Why the contribution is important

This is a benificial idea to many areas in society. It helps those that are unemployed, the enviroment, the economy, social independence and the youth of our culture.

by Kiwiboy on May 29, 2018 at 02:05PM

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