Accountability Information

Extend the information about organisational accountability information on the A-Z of government agencies. This is information that helps people know which agency they can contact when they're taking a complaint, also what that agency can do (eg prosecute, review etc).

This work would need to be done in collaboration with the Office of the Auditor General based on the work they have done and reported on is recognised by the OAG as an ideal platform as they have said:

“To be useful, this information needs to be kept up to date and in a user-friendly format. ... [on a website]  that aims to make it easier for people to understand and find government agencies.” 

Why the contribution is important

People have to do all the hard work finding and understanding what they're able to do when something goes wrong for them. Not all accountability information is published, and when it is published, it can be hard for the general public to understand it.

It is critical that there is transparency across the system about what people can do and who they can complain to or ask for a review.


by vicwray on May 31, 2018 at 11:36AM

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