Access to services

Better utilisation of existing personal information and business information to improve ease of access to governement services.

Once users accept their details may be shared across government databases demonstrate how that sharing can add value without being too pervasive or invasive in respect of privacy.

An example might be entering an IRD or NZ Business Number into a linked system which would then offer the public services that might be relevant to you perosnally (IRD) or your business (IRD or NZBN)


Why the contribution is important

Taxpayers fund an immense number of public services that can help improve their lives or business - but govt is dense complex and hard to access. It is probably critical for trust in government to ensure that people are more easily able to know about and use these services, otherwise provision becomes inefficient (if the public dont know about a service how can it be a benefit to them). It may require a more comprehensively outward looking approach from government rather than a government centric approach.

by KirkHope on April 18, 2018 at 10:55AM

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