A successful National Action Plan (NAP) is the product of engagement between government and citizens to develop new commitments.
Successful action plans focus are structured around the ideas of transparency, accountability, and public participation.
Each National Action Plan:
  • has between 5 and 15 commitments that are specific, time-bound and measurable
  • can be practically completed by either government, civil society organisations, universities, local or regional councils, an NGO, and/or a community group.
A commitment:
  • focusses on at least one aspect of open government, for example:
  • providing easier access to information
  • increasing accountability
  • improving transparency
  • strengthening integrity
  • enabling greater citizen participation in government decision-making.
  • can be completed in two years
  • can be broken down into steps, with measurable outcomes

More information about the OGP and what makes a successful National Action Plan can be found here.

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