Use the Open Contracting Data Standard to publish timely and accurate data on the full public procurement process, including planning, tenders, awards, contracts and implementation

The open procurement commitment in the previous OGP NAP covers publishing open data on contract awards from the Government Electronic Tender System.

To fully realise the benefits of publishing open data on public procurement, this should be expanded to cover:

* Publishing data from all stages of the contracting process, not just contract awards. As a first step, this should include publishing tender data from GETS, but any commitment on this topic should also cover data on planning, contract amendments and contract implementation.

* Publishing standardised open data using the Open Contracting Data Standard (

* Increasing the scope of publication to cover all types of public procurement process, not only open tenders. For example, panel contracts and direct awards.

Why the contribution is important

Publishing and using open data on all stages of the public contracting process has many benefits:

  • Better value for money for governments
  • Fairer competition and a level playing field for business, especially smaller firms
  • Higher-quality goods, works, and services for citizens,
  • Preventing fraud and corruption
  • Smarter analysis and better solutions for public problems

Further to which, publishing standardised data using the Open Contracting Data Standard means that data publishers and users have access to:

  • Reusable tools and methodologies developed for analyzing and monitoring procurement data.
  • Interoperable and comparable data from different systems, agencies and types of contracting process.
  • Guidance on publishing and using data and clear definitions for each field in the data.
  • A schema and tooling to check data structure and quality.

Increasing the scope of the publication to cover all types of public procurement means that government, the private sector and civil society will be able to understand the whole public procurement landscape.

by ddewhurst on June 18, 2021 at 11:47AM

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  • Posted by KayJones July 24, 2021 at 23:15

    Open Contracting was agreed to in principle by MBIE but poor data quality on GETS and poor adherence to procurement rules by some agencies have reduced any possible impact.
  • Posted by ddewhurst July 27, 2021 at 08:49

    Yep - whilst some progress has been made under the current NAP, this commitment is more ambitious in scope: covering more stages of the contracting process, more types of procurement procedure, and publishing data according to the Open Contracting Data Standard (the current data is not standardised). This would require scoping work to identify where else contracting is stored (asides from GETS), e.g. for panel contracts.
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