Transparency and Accountability across all Government Agencies

Are we at the cross-roads of requiring a better governance.

There seems to have been a major change in the way Government bodies work and deciminate information or decision making processes over the last twenty or so years.

It has recently been grabbing headlines across the Counctry where Local Government Authorities are falling over themselves in failure after failure and then also blaming Central Government for this and vice versa.  The general public are well aware of these problems and consider a lot of the problem lays firmly at the feet of those we elect to Local or Central Government political level.   Also of note is the non transparency across all Departments within a majority of Local Authorities.

Has this come about through the belief that those in governance positions think they are better informed or have more intelligence than the general public.  The answer would be no.  It has come about through lack of Leadership, whereby a Leader would be inclusive, share knowledge, understand all sides of an issue and ask for suggested outcomes to make informed decisions, we see a totalitarian approach across the majority of government agencies.    Where is the understanding of the people and their desires for a better country.    A real lack of the understanding of the word and definition of Governance is rife across N.Z.

Why the contribution is important

If we can get a better understanding out to everyone of what is required by good Governance and that people all understand its intentions then people will in all likelyhood participate in discussions and decision making that will help them shape their communities and the country as a whole.

We need better inclusion of all people across all aspects of political, business and social life in N.Z. 

by design55 on March 01, 2021 at 11:14PM

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