Suggestions for OGP NAP4 from anonymous

-Re- design the information flow from -Government to the public to provide options for people with low literacy, low technology literacy, language barriers and learning needs.

-Further the Public Service Commission’s plans to join up information sharing between departments

-Create a one door into government culture, where a department will point people in the right direction, even connect them

-Have a long-term view of policies and the impacts of investment. Build in long term evaluations, don’t be disheartened by lack of short term results

-Plain English everything

-Ensure public content is published in a variety of languages

-Consistent dual language from government (like Canada)

Make the public sector websites even more accessible - related to the “one door policy” - which public sector agency website do you go to for information on x/y/z. Would provide more clarity when organisations change names/use the reo version instead

- More publicly available information on cross-agency governance/working groups. A huge criticism from NGOs is always the silo-ing of Government agencies, but often there are in fact cross-Government groups established and meetings happening.

It would be good to know who is in them and what their Terms of Reference are in the very least. 

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by AdminOGPVH on July 29, 2021 at 10:18AM

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