Public Register of Information Assets

All government agencies:
  1. Govern data with a strategy which complies to the Government Chief Data Steward’s Data Strategy. Larger agencies should aspire to more useful standards, like ISO/IEC 38505.  Those strategies are published.
  2. Adopt and publish a data quality strategy, e.g ISO 8000-150
  3. Commission and publish annual audits by external auditors for compliance to the strategies above.
  4. Maintain and publish an information asset register listing all of the systems of record.  For each system this provides:
    1. The documents for the system, including but not limited to:
      1. Ethics evaluations, if any
      2. Privacy Impact Assessments
      3. Opt-in or data collection agreements
      4. Business case
      5. Architecture
      6. Design, including records of decisions to alter the design and especially the reasons for those alterations 
      7. As built
      8. Test strategy, test cases, and test results
      9. User guides and training materials
      10. Operations and/or support guides
    2. The data dictionary of the system, describing the structure and purpose of the data and the security and privacy classification of each data element
    3. Population metadata, including counts records of each type, counts of nulls, age of oldest and newest records of each type.
    4. Measurements of quality of the data, including the rules being assessed and the rationale for those rules.
    5. Any reports on the health or success of the system.
    6. The current status of the system, e.g. proposed, in service, or decommissioned
    7. The process for the public to gain access the data.

Why the contribution is important

The New Zealand Council for Civil Liberties desires for everyone to have access to sufficient information to prove to themselves that their rights, and those of their families and communities are being respected. 

Also, we believe that the reason that we're not doing this already is that most agencies are far too disorganised to comply even if they wanted to.  We've let these agencies self govern for a generation and the result is a mess which criples them and wastes countless resources both within and outside government.  Transparency will improve internal practise.


by ensslen on July 27, 2021 at 03:32PM

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