Concerns about the transparency of our current government from anonymous

I have concerns about the transparency of our current government.


In a nutshell, the government received the He PuaPua report and sat on it but now after an election where ‘constitutional change’ or ‘potential constitutional change’ was never mentioned, it appears that the He PuaPua report is being adopted. 


The government says it will be NZs most transparent government ever but this is patently not the case.  I have no issue with He Pua Pua in terms of its intent but I have a very strong view about a government I voted for enacting policy on a constitutional level without a mandate from the people.  John Key didnt get a mandate to change the flag so does the PM really think NZ has no view on what is quite a radical departure from the norm?  Does she believe that all the people who voted her in to fix the housing crisis, keep us safe from Covid and move children out of poverty, also gave her a mandate to enter into co governance arrangements of the extent described in He PuaPua?


I would like reports commissioned by the government that speak to our constitution or democracy etc to be put quite clearly into the public domain and for there to be a time limit that they can be sat on.   A time for them to read, digest and then come back to the people with a proposal to carry it forward, partially, fully or not. With Covid, governments around the world have had to become more authoritarian, the danger here and also for NZ, is that this authoritarian creep goes further and becomes the usual modus operandi.  Our prime minister currently will not answer questions on quite a range of issues and does not appear to be behaving transparently.  Surely the people of NZ deserve systems and processes that allow us to see the truth on issues of significance.  Both before, after and during.


We should know what our government is up to and know in enough time to take appropriate action.

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by AdminOGPVH on July 29, 2021 at 09:52AM

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