A single, simple interface for OIA requests across government

At the moment, every government agency has its own systems and processes for dealing with OIA requests. Some deal with thousands a year. Others only get a few. The customer experience is very variable.

There is demand for a service which makes this easier and more standardised. The site fyi.org.nz attempts to fill this gap, and seems to be quite successful.

My suggestion is that government work with the owners of fyi.org.nz and other stakeholders to provide services, processes, standards, and systems which simplify and standardise the process of requesting official information. This could include a standard request interface, an all of government portal for publishing responses, and built in real time reporting and statistics.

Why the contribution is important

It could make it easier for citizens to request official information, streamline OIA requests for agencies,  and ensure that requests are dealt with in a standardised, transparent, fashion.

by paddypower on March 05, 2021 at 07:00PM

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