Transparency & accountability of Decision-Making (Auckland Workshop)

The following was recorded at the Auckland workshop at a table discussing transparency and accounability of decision-making.

1. About what?

- information sharing

- consultative processes

- decisions themselves

2. Key areas?

- social (housing, etc.)

- financial (budgets, etc.)

3. Proof points

- a template for accountable & transparent decisions (post participation / public input) - not this exact template - final template to be used for OGP

a. who was consulted?

b. what was discussed?

c. what was the decision?

d. why was it made?

e. what is being done to address those who missed out?


- pilot at a local level

- drawn out to a national level

Why the contribution is important

I understand what decisions have been made and why

by engage2_Facilitator on August 18, 2016 at 09:09PM

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