To strengthen citizens' right to "take part in the conduct of public affairs"[1]

Hui E! Proposal 3

To strengthen citizens' right to "take part in the conduct of public affairs"[1] by;

a.       ensuring all legislation (unless of a demonstrably urgent nature) go through select committee processes with adequate time and opportunity for public submission;

b.      establishing minimum standards for consultation by the government. This would include greater use of online media, RSS feeds, timing - especially in relation to public holidays, publicity, dissemination of information, response periods, openness about the decision-making process, and feedback on the outcomes to submitters.

c.       inviting civil society groups, with adequate notice, opportunity and all relevant information, to participate in the formulation and review of all relevant laws and policies, especially those that may affect communities and civil society community groups.

[1] Quote is from Article 25a of International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights

This proposal addresses the OGP Values of: Transparency, access to information, civic participation, improving public accountability, and Technology and innovation for openness and accountability.

Why the contribution is important

The lack of New Zealand standards that actually back up the rights citizens have to take part in the conduct of public affairs, means successive governments have been able to manipulate parliamentary processes so as to avoid public debate on controversial issues.

The excessive use of Urgency in Parliament is one example, but it leads to poor legislation, with unintended consequences that may of may not be fixed later, depending the whim and the priorities of the very government that created the problem.

This proposal will have the effect of improving the quality of the legislation we all have to live with.

by DaveHenderson on August 22, 2016 at 06:00PM

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