Talk tech not process.

There is a tendancy for government to get caught up in the buzzwords, lingo and process of tech development rather than actually talking about the technology and solutions it is trying to solve. Instead of talking, blogging and sharing about going lean / scrum / agile and talking process - why not talk about the technologies that are driving digital transformation itself?

I'd love to see government openly talking about the languages, frameworks and tools it is using to drive change. As a dev it would be awesome to know if say for example a dept is utilising Pyramid, Meteor or Rails to achieve something - in could even encourage people to look for opportunities in government.

Why the contribution is important

Government should be at the forefront of open digital technologies. To attract the best talent to the field however, it needs to become more open and transparent about the technology it is trying to utilise to realise its objectives. If we want the best talent creating the best tools, we need to start being open.

by Rhamish on August 22, 2016 at 05:32PM

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