Single virtual register

Open up the information in all the various qualification registers in Government through a single virtual register. This virtual register is effectively a consistent web site and set of APIs over the top of the existing registers. 

With this virtual register, a login - facebook; google; realme - and an agreed business process, an individual can "claim" their various register entries and from then on are able to reliably prove their qualifications ONLINE.

Imagine if I could prove I have achieved NCEA Level 2; I am a Registered Building Practitioner and I completed these 2 special building qualifications? I could demonstrate my qualifications online in a robust, verified manner so there is very limited opportunity for fraud AND when I turn up somewhere in person, I can use this same capability to easily prove I am the qualified person you were expecting.



Why the contribution is important

With the Vulnerable Children's Act, the onus is on the organisation to establish that the people working with children are qualified, but Government has offered very few mechanisms to make this easy for orgnaisation dealing with children. Additionally, with the new health and safety regulations, organisations are liable for ensuring people are properly qualified. Again, no easy mechanisms.

If an individual can "claim" their register entry online and use that "claim" to prove they have the qualification then the private sector can innovate. 

by tina9876 on August 22, 2016 at 04:14PM

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