Set up a discovery portal for publicly fund government open source software projects and reusable code

We have for open data sets, I'd like to see a similar approach for open source software projects that government agencies release. There are a number of agencies that have GitHub accounts and release software but no way to find out what the software does and how to find it. In fact, it could be combined with (maybe using the already open soruce CKAN platform and similar project metadata standards could be included in the open source projects to describe tham at a high level in order for IT managers to understand what the code does and whether it could be a solution to their needs.


Why the contribution is important

In order for open source software to be maintained and valuable it thrives on active reuse, if open source software cannot be found, it cannot be reused. A discovery portal that agecnies can consult prior to going out for tender to ensure the technical solution has already been built would save time, money and would have benefits for reuse wider than just within government.

Another reason this is important is that it came up as valuable item as part of the recent NZ Government open source licensing policy. This wasn't discounted (as many agreed it was a valuable thing), however was deemed out of scope for the licensing policy. it would be great to follow this up and implement (

by camfindlay on August 24, 2016 at 04:46PM

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