Rules to ensure due process and rights and provision for public input

Rules to ensure timely public notification, adequate information  and due process for public input to law, public policies and standards ( eg National Policy Statements, National Templates National Environmental Standards under the RMA),  and decisions on public authority consents such as resource consent applications, mining permits, concessions on DoC land and water, and at sea such as under the RMA and the EEZ& Continental Shelf Act.

It will require both new provisions and the repeal of repressive rules to prevent or to make more difficult public participation, such as changes already passed in the Resource Management Act, the many restrictive provisions in the Resource Legislation Amendment Bill, the existing prohibition on DoC from consulting the public on many minerals concession applications, and other such.

Guarantees for public and Select Committee scrutiny and deliberation with public submissions, minimum standards for public engagement.
The restitution of rights to submit under the various acts ( RMA, EEZ&Continetnal Shelf Act) on the effects of Greenhouse Gas emissions.

Why the contribution is important

This is to ensure public participation, information disclosure and to improve the quality of public decision making as well as providing for democratic rights and to promote the "consent of the governed" with fairer processes.

This proposal addresses the OGP Values of: Transparency, access to information, civic participation, improving public accountability, and for openness and accountability.

by Wallacca1 on August 24, 2016 at 01:57PM

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  • Posted by JanRivers August 24, 2016 at 21:08

    ECO's survey strongly supported improved standards of consultation. It was a prompted question in the survey and we have not completed the analysis but rules about proper notification i.e. not just to those who would benefit but to all sectors was considered important as was minimum submission periods - and a six week minimum was widely suggested. I would suggest that the cost of universal notification is negligible. A mandated notification method was also recommended by some respondents such as using get involved section or a even a specific twitter tag signifying a consultation process would achieve universal notification to all who were interested. All that is required is a cabinet agreement that all agencies were mandated to use the specified method. Not doing this now in favour of an expensive rollout of a generic consultation platform at some future date would really be a regretable approach.
  • Posted by engage2_Facilitator August 24, 2016 at 22:24

    Thanks for this action and the follow up comments which are really constructive. The six week consultation period was also supported as it provides organisations that meet monthly with the ability to develop and ratify their submission
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