Release lists of Ministerial briefings

Each Minister and Associate Minister will publish a list every month showing all briefings, memos, reports, aide memoires and oral briefings received, including a title and a date.

Why the contribution is important

Ministers exercise significant power over the formation of policy, but much of this process happens in secret. A few Ministers are currently subject to regular Parliamentary Written Questions from the opposition requesting monthly lists of briefings (e.g. the Minister of State Services; see PWQ 8973 (2016) and others), but most are not. Requiring them to publish monthly lists of all advice received would enable the public and the media to see what they are considering, and permit them to request further information using the OIA. It would thus improve transparency, accountability, and public participation in the policy formation process.

Individual Ministers would be responsible for the implementation of this commitment, with a body such as DPMC or the Ombudsman's Office responsible for monitoring compliance and reporting non-compliance.

by IdiotSavant on August 12, 2016 at 03:30PM

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