Publish Cabinet documents

All Cabinet papers, agendas and minutes will be proactively published on a central website within 20 working days of production, subject only to redactions consistent with those permitted under the Official Information Act 1982.

Why the contribution is important

The New Zealand Cabinet is the government's central decision-making body and approves all significant policy. While much of its documentation is released on departmental websites, a large amount is not, and publication is not timely. Proactively publishing this information in a timely fashion would improve transparency and the accountability of government, while also enabling greater public participation in the policy formation process by allowing the public and the media to more effectively monitor government decision-making.

The publication of Cabinet-level material is unusual internationally. This commitment would build on New Zealand's strengths by reinforcing transparency.

The Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet is suggested as the agency responsible for this commitment.

by IdiotSavant on August 12, 2016 at 03:16PM

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  • Posted by Ari August 19, 2016 at 21:58

    I think publishing all cabinet documents automatically if they fit OIA criteria is an excellent idea, and wouldn't require too much overhead, possibly just a couple extra staff at DPMC.
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