Publish any Geospatial data services using OGC/ISO standards

All geospatial data services need to be published to open standards so that all clients can use the data.

OGC/ISO provides those open standards.

The relevant standards comprise:

  • WMS/WTMS for imagery

  • WFS for vector data

  • SOS for sensor data

  • CSW for catalogue harvest information

  • ISO 19139 for metadata

Why the contribution is important

All client software needs to able to access any published public geospatial data service, so that data needs to follow open OGC/ISO standards.

Most of this data is tabular and can also be utilised in non-geospatial systems.

Many public agencies do not publish geospatial data services to these open OGC/ISO standards.

This blocks many in the community from utilising this data is economic, social and environmental endeavours.


Lead by All Agencies with SSC/LINZ providing Standards to follow.

by Flaxroots on August 22, 2016 at 09:39PM

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