Publish all International Agreement context data

There are numerous International Agreements published on

The public is not provided with any context data about these agreements.

Context data comprises:

  • The National Interest Analysis that describes the benefits/costs of the agreement

  • Parliaments oversight reports

  • NZ Legislation that gives effect to an agreement

  • Negotiation documents

  • Reports to the agreement body

Why the contribution is important

The public should be able to judge what the benefits and costs of any International Agreement are, what the support of Parliament is, and how binding it is in NZ legislative terms.

This will provide a more informed understanding and support for International Agreements.

Lead by MFAT and Parliament


by Flaxroots on August 22, 2016 at 09:35PM

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  • Posted by gregfullmoon August 24, 2016 at 01:37

    With the comprehension that NIAs are effectively sales prospectuses written by the negotiators of the respective treaties. Thus MFAT will hardly provide effective critique of their own work. The other suggestions I feel are good and could provide a one stop place to access information associated with individual treaties.
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