Promote integrity, accountability, transparency and public participation in Government decision-making :



Stop the lobbying of Government Ministers by vested interests. They would instead have to provide a brief submission to a Government Department or Agency and provide funding to allow a counter submission by any relevant community groups or university researchers. After analysis by officials, a recommendation would be made to a Minister based on the need to serve the best interests of the community and future generations. If the Minister did not accept the recommendation, the Minister would have to justify this in writing, in the knowledge that the public would have access to this information and to all the other information available when the decision was made.          

Stop so called donations being made to political parties and replace these donations with taxpayer funding of party election campaigns. The funds allocated would be based on party membership and votes at the last election. This would stop those with money using it to get the decisions they want.

Stop politicisation of the Public Service by not allowing politicians to have any say in appointments or re-appointments of Heads of Departments. Make the main objective of every Government Department and agency to serve the best interests of the community and future generations.

Stop all political appointments to ensure that the best qualified and most independent people are given decision –making roles and will act in the public interest.

Appoint a Parliamentary Commissioner for the Public Good to review proposed legislation and the performance of Government Departments and agencies against a set of Public Good criteria.


Why the contribution is important

If some or all of these actions were introduced, this would clean up a lot of decision-making processes and ensure that decisions were made in the best interests of the community and future generations.

by gama on August 22, 2016 at 10:58AM

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