Limit interference of Ministers' offices in OIA requests.

Due to the "no surprises" policy, Ministers and Ministers' offices are often involved in the release of official information. Often this results in a severe curtailment of the amount of information released. Departments often prioritise the perceived need not to embarass the Minister over the public's right to information. At times, this is also used as a delay tactic in the hope that the relevant issue is no longer in the public mind to such an extent by the time the information becomes available.

At the same time entities working on OIA requests should release all information that can be released, rather than using the political reputation of individuals or a particular government as the overriding principle.

Over time this would also allow politicians to discuss more radical ideas as the public becomes used to think-pieces and opinions that are different.

Why the contribution is important

Increase transparency and decrease political interference in the flow of information.

by timfrank on August 23, 2016 at 04:26PM

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