Greater Youth Participation in Community Engagement (Auckland Workshop)

The following was recorded at the Auckland workshop at a table discussing Greater Youth Participation in Community Engagement:

Step 1:

- identify communities that are / are not supported by existing youth networks & groups - enable them as needed

- Local Boards, youth councils, interfaith groups

- leverage local media

Step 2:

- support natural youth leaders

- tools to support effective engagement & upskilling

Step 3:

- delegate responsibility to those channels in the community and / or those with expertise

- grow awareness of benefits & opportunities to get involved

In 2 years:

- evidence of greater collaboration, awareness & understanding

- stronger networks / youth leadership

Work with others:

- not-for-profits

- NGOs

- youth-focused 

- clubs & assocs. within tertiary education institutions

- youth interest groups

Why the contribution is important

Effective & efficient practice / processes for engagement informs decision-making

by engage2_Facilitator on August 18, 2016 at 08:56PM

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  • Posted by SMWarren August 26, 2016 at 07:57

    Current methods of public engagement don't generally attract much youth input, because they don't engage with young people where they are. A youth-led engagement process is needed, incorporating face-to-face networks such as described here, plus social media and proactive outreach initiatives for specific needs. The latter need to focus on those young people who would not normally engage in the networks, which means reaching them through marae, Pacific churches, youth service organisations (including those for at-risk youth), and in the places where young people gather such as shopping malls and skate parks. There needs to be a balance of short engagement to collect views of large numbers of young people, and longer engagement that includes time for information exchange and in-depth discussion to reach considered views.
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