De-Politicisation of Public Service information

Principal benefits are to increase public integrity by restoring trust in the administration of the day and confidence that democratic principles are being honoured. Also would restore a sense of enfranchisement, improve accountability, transparency and public participation .

  1. Data held by the government belongs to the public, not the government of the day, and must be made available to the public on demand.
  2. The public service embodies the full spectrum of knowledge and opinion about any given governmental responsibility or initiative. It is necessarily the best-informed group, and professionally the most motivated to ensure the interests of the public are optimally served. It is therefore profoundly important that the public is allowed and encouraged to be fully informed by the public service. This function must include appropriate, neutral, reasoned descriptive summarisation for general consumption, including highlighting potential issues from any interested perspective.
  3. A well-informed reasoned rebuttal for any perspective must be prepared on demand.
  4. The public is justifiably suspicious of those controlling the politicisation of information from the public service. An Information Service must be both independent and safeguarded.
  5. A fair-use process applies that is respectful of the public interest, without frustrating or compromising the objective of a well-informed public.
  6. Funding for public information must be adequate and substantial.
  7. All of the above points must be incorporated into a foundation for control of information.

Why the contribution is important

Trust in governmental integrity has been degraded by politicisation of the public service and tight controls on information released by the public service creating perceptions of non-accountability, dismal transparency and declining public participation. A lack of faith in democratic principles combines to build disenfranchisement and erosion in the governmental social contract.

by BrianGrey on August 23, 2016 at 03:44PM

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