Build on existing work which provides opportunities for new actions

The PSA supports the findings and recommendations of the 2013 New Zealand National Integrity System Assessment, the Independent Reporting Mechanism Progress Report: New Zealand 2014-2015, and the work done with the State Services Commission in 2014 on an Integrity Strategy and Roadmap.  These substantial pieces of work provide a solid basis on which to build New Zealand’s second OGP Action Plan for the next two year and provide the greatest opportunities for new actions.  

Why the contribution is important

The PSA will provide separate suggested actions and rationale, drawing from this previous work, on each of the following issues:

  • Official Information
  • Official Information – Budget
  • State servants and free and frank advice
  • Right of state servants as private citizens to participate in political activities
  • Speaking out and contracting out
  • Transparency and contracting out.

by DairneGrant on August 24, 2016 at 10:02AM

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  • Posted by JanRivers August 24, 2016 at 22:09

    When asked for unprompted feedback several respondents to the ECO OGP survey several respondents made this suggestion. The evidence base and the thoroughness and bi-partisan nature of the research and subsequent work raises the importance of retaining this strand of work from the 2014-16 Action Plan
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