AoG cultural change programme on data release

An all-of-government awareness/training programme on the a) the principles of open data; and b) a framework for releasing open data.  The key principle is that the data belongs to the people and should only be witheld from the people under very narrow circumstances.  The framework should give practical instructions on how to minimise privacy concerns and other issues.

Why the contribution is important

Most government employees do not know what data they can release to the public because they have concerns about ownership of that data, possible misuse of the data and possible adverse legal implications of data release.  This inhibits individual decision makers from releasing data both on-demand and proactively.  That in turn leads to regular use of OIA requests and escalations to the ombudsman when those requests are denied.

Individual decisions makers in government need a clear set of principles to follow that limited the cirumstances under which data could be witheld and a clear data release framework that if followed protected them from any legal, ownership or privacy issues.  This would massively increase the data released and the benefits accrued from that.

by JayDaley on August 18, 2016 at 10:31AM

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