Adopt IAP2 good practice principles for public participation

As an international leader in public participation, IAP2 has developed the "IAP2 Core Values for Public Participation" for use in the development and implementation of public participation processes. These core values were developed over a two year period with broad international input to identify those aspects of public participation which cross national, cultural, and religious boundaries.

I propose that government adopts the IAP2 core values to help make better decisions which reflect the interests and concerns of potentially affected people and entities:

  •  Public participation is based on the belief that those who are affected by a decision have a right to be involved in the decision-making process
  •  Public participation includes the promise that the public's contribution will influence the decision.
  • Public participation promotes sustainable decisions by recognizing and communicating the needs and interests of all participants, including decision makers
  •  Public participation seeks out and facilitates the involvement of those potentially affected by or interested in a decision
  •  Public participation seeks input from participants in designing how they participate
  •  Public participation provides participants with the information they need to participate in a meaningful way
  •  Public participation communicates to participants how their input affected the decision.

Why the contribution is important

Coming to this discussion late and looking through the many ideas proposed, it seems as if there are some common themes that would be addressed by adopting these core principles. They would help to build trust and open the door for ongoing dialogue between government and civil society as mentioned by another participant.

by carolh on August 24, 2016 at 09:49AM

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