Transparency of decision making  process  for  projects which are  about infrastructure eg water,roads,waste,  climate change, shoreline, well being, health, economics. In local council process there has developed too many workshops and going in to committee.  A growing swell of people out there wish to be involved, wished to be listened to over their views and ideas.  Do need to know what cost ( our money via taxes and rates are paying for the project), who are the personnel in the project, what are their qualifications and experience, when is project expected to be completed.  There are too many of instances of projects poorly thought out  with lack of transparency and involvement of  citizens - the people - that have failed costing and causing increased rates, taxes directed to fix  the messes. Many of our citizens are qualified engineers, people with in depth local knowledge of a local area. What an awesome project can be progressed utilising their skills, knowledge, expertise i the processes.


Why the contribution is important

Transparency is important as it is a foundation of democracy.  

by annesb on July 14, 2021 at 08:18AM

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