Data sovereignty - NZ-owned and operated online communication services integrated with RealMe

Domestically-owned, domestically-operated, domestically-hosted, e-mail accounts and social networks linked with 'RealMe' for example.

Special provisions for Maori Data Sovereignty -

Can be closed to some extent from the rest of the internet, in order to prevent phishing. Can be used for government communications (e.g. newsfeed), civic engagement (e.g. similar to 'Loomio'), online local and regional voting. And as verification e-mail for various domestic services requiring a higher security level such as internet banking.

Could be integrated with private sector 'eventfinda' event listings, tickets for domestic events and transport, and, allow automated contact tracing if people choose to opt in.

At the very least, they provide a standard for the global service providers to measure up to.

Should be optional.

Why the contribution is important

Data sovereignty - related to Would provide the backbone for the spirit of the treaty to be followed.

While Facebook and Google do a great job for free, as we've seen in Australia recently their interests do not always align with the public good. They also do not make special accommodation to indigenous data right protections - for example they indiscriminately sold data to Cambridge Analytica to allow more targeted advertisements - and as you all know, more targeted advertisements mean that advertisers of any sort would be more able to target certain vulnerable sectors of the community with their ads. This is like selling backdoor access, and is outrageous outside of an intimate context.

by land077 on March 02, 2021 at 06:16PM

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  • Posted by stowellj March 04, 2021 at 16:44

    Facebook, Google and the other social media, increasingly owned by one or other of these two, have certainly done a great job of addicting both individuals and authority to their so-called free services, where the true cost is hidden from their users. How the hell this degree of dependence on a handful of giant companies essentially operating outside of any meaningful regulation, has been an amazing abdication of democratic responsibility. So I am all for the idea of some degree of competition from a government run platform where participants have to verify their identity. However, all those already hooked on Facebook and Google will find very difficult to make the effort to bread their addiction.
  • Posted by Rodge April 17, 2021 at 09:29

    Has anything like this been done before? Interesting idea for sure!
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