Increased power and proactive compliance with Public Records Act

Sadly, there is too little understanding and compliance with the Public Records Act. This means official records are being hidden or not even formally recorded. Such deficiencies enable corruption and nepotism. 

An example is military being deployed domestically, all with notebooks, then they all magically are not longer kept when requested. Another is government officials going to meetings, and not keeping notes to avoid OIA or using another email address for official work (such as a contractor using their business email, which is not a personal email account, which is a loop hole). 

Chief Archivist needs to conduct periodic inspections of government departments to ensure compliance. 


Why the contribution is important

Another area that is poorly implemented that undermines democracy. 

by steveglassey on October 16, 2018 at 05:10PM

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  • Posted by gonetothedogs October 16, 2018 at 19:30

    It is part of the whole cover up with no checks and balances. Changes need to be made to ensure ALL information is recorded and available to the public.
    This is another essential step towards total transparency that will be fought against, at many government levels.

    Those that purge or fail to disclose information actually held need to be prosecuted for their actions. As currently there is little redress to the public beyond legal action which many can't afford or sustain. Thereby enabling both local and central government to hide their mistakes and fight to the bitter end using ratepayers money to protect their lies, while trying to dodge any financial liability or accountability for their negligence. Even when they have Public Liability Insurance to cover matters such as these. We no longer live in the middle ages where the peasants are kept in the dark. Transparency and accountability cannot come soon enough.
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