Mandate the use of the tool for all non-legislative consultations. Idea from Jan_Rivers

The NZ government has a site for listing non legislative consultations of all kinds but it is not used by all parts of government carrying out consultations. For example even though the Justice Ministry's consultation on incitement is included I cannot find the corresponding consultation on social cohesion from the Ministry of Social Development which is running at the same time  Hence it cannot be relied on. 

Why the contribution is important

This is a serious problem because New Zealand's NGO  and voluntary sector is small and poorly funded and yet major effort is expended by them simply to understand what consultations are happening and to providing listings of these to members and peer organisations. With consultation periods of only 6 weeks provided for most consultations the turnaround time for organisational submissions cannot provide quality. This creates an inbuilt inequality when the bodies of professional and business associations do generally have adequate funding to ensure that they can respond.  It is a serious way in which the people's voice is minimised from the outset of new initiatives.

Many government agencies rely on a very small pool of favoured stakeholders for feedback and again, in a fast changing society with this necessarily means that voices go unheard.   If it were mandated that the consultations listing were to include the opportunity for public input on these other issues - that never reach public awareness - then the resulting decisions would be more robust.

by AdminOGPVH on July 22, 2021 at 04:06PM

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