Upgrade the Multistakeholder Forum

The fourth NAP could include a commitment to separating the Multistakeholder Forum from the Expert Advisory Panel and recruiting its membership using a form of sortition. This could be either through invitations to random individuals or to a group of community organisations active in the public participation space. Also there should be a related undertaking to make the Multistakeholder Forum part of the decision making process within our OGP processes, and not just advisory. Thus an element of empowerment would be introduced and hopefully shown to be productive of good actions and not threatening to decision makers. A form of this idea has already been submitted by email.

Why the contribution is important

The current designation of the Expert Advisory Group as also functioning as our Multistakeholder Forum has the air of a cop-out. Why bother? It is important to show that the next National Action Plan is taking real steps towards the empowerment of citizens.

by stowellj on April 30, 2021 at 10:03AM

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