Solutions that would encourage more Active Citizenship

Ideas from a workshop at Otago University

Accessible, free Te Reo and Tikanga lessons

Civics eduation in schools

Lower the voting age to 16

Use social media - fast and engaging. Use instagram polls for feedback and open questions. Instagram lives and stories woul increase openness and transparency. 

Government could show up and just listen to peoples stories

Make consultation easy Government should be doing the work.

Increase a sense of community - with awareness of privilege. 

Take inspiration from overseas where it's working. How? Why? 

Allow oral and video submissions. 

Home environment - its better someone coming to you then you going to government. 

Use civics education for all ages. Increase civics resources and training. 

Use community advisors not spin doctors. 

Use student associations not government (such as electoral commission) to target students

Why the contribution is important


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