Citizen services

Focus on two things. A federated citizen's ID. and one basic service to be offered to ALL citizens - a public wifi

To be clear. Let me just point to these one comment by Alan Bell (

And one project that is most developed in the UK ( (KPSN wi fi services) where they talk about delivering ä public wifi service.

Why the contribution is important

The problem we do have is when it comes to a citizen's ID is that it normally comes down to an individual identity provider - a particular department of geovernment - always wanting to concern themselves with the services that they want on line. They don't think as a private citizen and then attempt to define a service that may protect all citizens. So the takman does his list of services and health does the same, and education,, ad infinitum.

The real qusetion is how a government might build trust by offering a service that makes a citizen's life safer and easier. And they need to see a use for the first service so that an ID might become the mainstay of a citizen's account. This is more a marketing exercise than a technical challenge.

How does one seduce a citizen? (with a service).

by simonfj on March 11, 2021 at 12:31PM

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