How it works

Stats NZ and the Department of Internal Affairs lead two open data commitments under New Zealand’s Open Government Partnership National Action Plan 2016-2018. These are:

  • Improving the principles that we release our open data under
  • Tracking progress and outcomes of open government data release.

Under these commitments, we have been working towards achieving 10 milestones.

The milestones

To date, we have achieved two of the milestones. They are:

  1. Review potential adoption of the International Open Data Charter, using public feedback
    In October 2016, we reviewed the feedback we received from our pubic consultation held the previous month. This included looking at the impacts on government if the International Open Data Charter was adopted and the benefits and challenges we might face.
  2. Review New Zealand Data and Information Management Principles
    We also reviewed the current principles that the government releases our open data under and how they are the same and different than the International Open Data Charter.

We are currently working on two milestones which will be delivered on or by 7 July 2017:

  1. Develop an open government data action plan, based on feedback gathered from the open data community and government officials
    The draft Action Plan is currently open for public consultation up until 30 June. Click here to view the Action Plan.
  2. Publish the action plan
    The plan will be published on on 7 July 2017.

The six other milestones have not yet been achieved. There is a range of reasons for the delays – including the reallocation of Ministerial portfolios, budget timing and transfer of the Open Government Data Programme from LINZ to Stats NZ in March this year.

The milestones still to be achieved are:

  1. Determine what principles will guide release of, and access to, New Zealand open data and information, using public feedback
    We have taken the feedback received from our consultation last year and been working with different agencies on the implications of adopting a new set of principles. We expect to have a final decision on the open data principles by 31 July 2017.
  2. Engage with citizens and government on application of the new/amended open data principles
    Once we determine what principles will be adopted in July, we’ll be letting people know and asking for their feedback up until 30 August on the potential impacts of implementing the principles and how data users can expect to benefit from government using the new or amended principles.
  3. Implement new/amended open data principles
    We will be starting to implement the new or amended open data principles across government from the beginning of September 2017. We focus our efforts on the core data rich agencies in government who will gain the most value from using the principles.
  4. Develop a public dashboard for reporting against the Action Plan goals
    We are currently working with agencies to support them assess their open data maturity and expect to have initial results published on the results on in July. This information will help populate the upcoming online dashboard.

    The public dashboard will be delivered on in partnership with Department of Internal Affairs. We expect to develop a draft dashboard by the end of August 2017.
  1. Seek public feedback on the proposed public dashboard.
    We will do this by the end of September.
  2. Regularly update the public dashboard on government progress toward the goals
    The dashboard will be live from September 2017 and will be updated regularly by agencies with the support of Stats NZ.

Click here to view the proposed new open data milestone dates

Give us your feedback

The Open Government Partnership allows for revision of the timeframes to delivering these milestones. There is a requirement for a 2-week public consultation process, to allow the public to provide comments or feedback on the amended timeframes.

This consultation is open from 16 June 2017 to 29 June 2017.

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